Q: Does CRS provide any equipment?


Every room is equipped with a backline of a basic 5 piece drum kit, one guitar and one bass amp, PA, monitors and we have lots of mics, chords and mic stands available. There is no extra cost for the use of studio gear.

Q: What does a 12hr Bulk Package get me? Does the time expire?

Bulk packages are 12hrs of time that must be used in minimum 2hr sessions, within 1 year from the date purchased. All bulk (and hourly) bookings are subject to availability and DO NOT guarantee a continuous slot. Bulk time can only be booked weeks in advance. For more information about a permanent weekly slot please email capitalrehearsasl@rogers.com.

Q: Does CRS offer any recording services?

A: No, unfortunately we do not offer any recording services at the moment.

Q: Is there FREE, on site parking at CRS?


There are 12 dedicated parking spots directly out front of CRS and plenty of extra parking after 5pm and all day on the weekend, all at no extra cost to you!

Q: Can I get a walk in room?

We highly recommend giving minimum 48hrs or more for all booikings. It is not unusual for all of our rooms to be booked. capitalrehearsal@rogers.com to book your session today!